Start the Adventure (Openwater)


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Times: Thursday Nights from 6.45pm to 10:30pm and we are at St Michael’s Catholic elementary school for the theory and at Carling Heights Optimist for the Pool sessions
Cost: 500.00 CDN (reduced to 475.00 CDN if the class has 8 or more students and 450.CDN if we have 10 or more students)
Fall Dates: Sept 28, 2017 to Dec 14, 2017
Winter Dates: Feb 15, 2018 to May 3, 2018
Weighing: May 10, 2018
Openwater Checkouts: May 12, 2018 Innerkip and May 19-21, 2018, Tobermory

Prerequisites: Minimum age: 15 years old, know how to swim and complete medical screening. Minimum deposit required to register for course is $100.00. No dive experience needed. By registering for the course you are committing that you will be attending all classes and open water dives. Additional charges apply for students that do not make open water dives. Call or email Jim Root if you have questions (519)660-0337 (

Open Water Diver

This course is designed for those that wish to obtain the knowledge to safely dive with a buddy up to the maximum depth allowed for recreational divers. The minimum age is 15 years old and there is no maximum age. Being certified as an ACUC Open Water Diver also allows you to take more advanced and specialty courses.

LSSC runs two twelve week courses per year with a maximum of twelve students per course. They are Thursday nights. We have 10 classroom sessions from 6.45pm to 8:30 pm, and 10 pool sessions from 9 pm to 10:30 pm. Both classes then attend the Open water checkouts (part of the certification process) at Innerkip the Saturday before the long weekend in May, and at Tobermory on the long weekend in May. Attendance is mandatory at open water checkouts. Our certifying agency is ACUC (American and Canadian Underwater Certifications). You need no diving experience to take our course. We are a not for profit organization and our teaching philosophy centres around teaching people to dive safely. One of our goals is to have people continue to dive once they complete the course and are certified.

Our instructional staff consists of several Instructors, Assistant Instructors, and Divemasters, who all teach as volunteers. Because of the number of people involved in instruction, we often work one on one with students. In that way, you can move through the course at your own pace, within reasonable limits. Our training is a little more comprehensive than most other certifying agencies as we include snorkel skills, self rescue and diver rescue skills, and include some training exercises that are designed to give you confidence in open water.

Students are given membership in our club (London Skin and Scuba Club) for the year. The club currently has around 50 members from London and area. It offers dive opportunities throughout the year, and other social events. The course cost includes tank fills for classroom sessions, the use of buoyancy compensator and regulators for the duration of the course, and a one year membership in our club and the Ontario Underwater Council. Each student is expected to provide fins, snorkel, mask, weights and weight belt, and is responsible for tank fills during the Open Water Checkout portion of the course, and their own accommodation in Tobermory. We encourage students and instructional staff to stay at The Coach House Inn while in Tobermory (but this is not mandatory if you prefer other accommodation). We get a group rate from the Coach House, and our predive meetings are held there. We also hold a pot luck BBQ on the Sunday evening at the Coach House Inn where we give the students their certificates.

Register for Training

To complete the online registration, click here. Minimum deposit required to register for the course is $100.00, indicate how much and when you will be paying for the deposit and balance for the course. Until your cheque is received you will not be registered in the course. Please make your check payable to London Skin and SCUBA club and send it to the Treasurer at the listed address

London Skin and SCUBA Club
Simon Helsen
256113, 25th Line
Lakeside, ON
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