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London Skin and SCUBA Club training is all about FUN and fulfilling our goal of training safe divers. This is why we combine courses from ACUC and Divers Alert Network. The combination of this education will give you additional skills you may need and prepare you for situations you could encounter in your underwater adventures, knowledge is power. We offer this training as a package and you have the flexibility of taking them as a package or individual. If you have any questions please contact us.

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If you are interested in advanced training courses, please contact the instructional committee at

You can now register for the Spring 2018 Advanced Open Water course here!

Advanced Diver

In this course you will expand on the theory that you learned in the OWD course. You will also be introduced to some specialty diving, so that you can later decide which specialties you like and which specialty courses you might wish to take. Minimum age is 15 years old.

You will learn more about Equipment Maintenance, Reduced Visibility Diving (night diving, etc), Confined Space Diving (shipwrecks, etc) Underwater Navigation, Marine Biology and Ecology, Deep Diving (40 metres/130 feet) Basic Boatmanship notions, etc

Prerequisites: Openwater Certified 15 years old, know how to swim and complete medical screening. The student must have at least 10 hours of bottom time or 20 open water dives before obtaining the certification.

Rescue Diver

This course is the minimum level to which ACUC recommends all divers should be trained to. You must already be certified as an Advanced Diver. The course will train you to recognise diving problems and emergencies before they occur, and if they occur anyway, then you will also learn how to handle these problems and emergencies. Minimum age is 16 years old.

Prerequisites: Openwater Certified 16 years old, know how to swim and complete medical screening. Completed ACUC Advanced Diver Certification. The student must have at least 15 hours of bottom time.


You must already be certified, or be certified during the Divemaster course, as a First Aid Provider and Emergency Oxygen Provider.

The main characteristics of this course is that students that successfully complete the course, will be able to act as a Dive Controller, lead certified divers in open water dives as a Dive Guide, assist in the training of new divers, teach some non certification ACUC Scuba courses and also, teach, evaluate and certify some dry specialties (specialties where no water training is involved), as long as the Divemaster holds the corresponding Specialty Instructor rating. Minimum age is 18 years old.

Prerequisites: Openwater Certified 18 years old, know how to swim and complete medical screening. Obtained ACUC Rescue Diver certification. The student must have at least 40 hours of bottom time. Must hold valid First Aid and O2 Provider certification.